Suppol Baby / Child / 250
The better paracetamol for little ones
Suppol Baby / Child / 250
Suppositories of paracetamol for effective relief from pain and fever in children with improved convenience.
Clear preference by the medical community for inpatients, better than giving pricks.
Reduces hyperthermia within a mean period of 45 minutes.
Produces effective reduction in pain and irritability secondary to it.
Satisfactory postoperative analgesia – Prolonged effect.
Suppol offers distinct benefits compared to oral paracetamol -
i) Suppol is easy to administer, suppository can be easily pushed inside the rectum whereas for oral medicine the child offers lot of resistance
ii) Suppol can be administered even when the child is sleeping
iii) Taste is not an issue - no rejection
iv) Suppol ensures accurate dosage, as there is no loss due to spillage, vomiting, or puking and
v) It is ideal in conditions where oral administration of the drug is not possible like vomiting, convulsions etc.
Available in 3 strengths: Suppol Baby (80mg) and Suppol Child (170mg) and Suppol 250mg.
Dose: 15-20mg/kg body weight
The recommended usual daily dose depends on the weight of the infant. It is determined at 60mg/kg/day, to be spaced out in 4 different intakes per day:
Suppol Baby (80mg) – up to 7 kg (about 6 months old)
Suppol Child (170mg) – From 12-16kg (about 2 to 4 years old)
Suppol 250 (250mg) – From 17-22kg (about 4-7 years old)
1 suppository to take twice if needed, after 6 hours, without taking more than 4 suppositories per day.
Suppository should be moistened with water before inserting.

Composition: Each suppository contains Paracetamol I.P. 80mg or 170 mg or 250mg.

Indications: Symptomatic relief of pain and fever. Neonatal hyperthermia High grade fever, Neonatal Sepsis, Pain management in post op cases in NICU & PICU, Gastroenteritis where babies have vomiting, Febrile convulsion, Following immunization vaccines.

Packing: Carton containing strip of 2 x 5 suppositories.