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Benzyl Septol Active

Superior antiseptic & disinfectant

  • Contains Benzalkonium Chloride - a powerful and safe antiseptic.
  • More powerful than other leading products such as Dettol or Savlon. Benzyl Septol has a RWC (Rideal Walker Coefficient) of 3 to 5.
  • Multipurpose antiseptic Widely used by Pharma industry & other leading institutions.
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity and a faster antimicrobial action destroying most of the pathogens within 5 minutes.

Composition:   Benzalkonium Chloride solution 3% v/v.

Indications:   Multipurpose antiseptic liquid.

Packing:   100ml pet bottle for consumer use. Also available in bulk pack of 5 litres.




Detergent, keratolytic and wetting property

Cleans wounds and abrasions better


Deodorant action 
Does not stain clothes

Gives clean and fresh fragrance to soiled linen, masks, etc without staining

Laundering of hospital linen

Non - irritating and non sensitizing to skin

Better patient acceptability

Cleaning of denuded skin & mucous membrane, 
Oozing and open infections 
Post episiotomy care


Cost saving

Use in every area of hospital

Used for

Recommended dilutions of benzyl septol

Cleansing skin, mucous membrane & wounds

1 part in 3 parts of water

Deep wounds

1 part in 6 parts of water

Preparation of hands (pre-operative)

1 part in 10 parts of water for persistent antiseptic

Abrasions & cuts
Plant, equipments & mills
Spraying in rooms

1 part in 20 parts of water

Uterus & douching

1 part in 20 parts of warm water

Abrasions (Septic)

Bath with 1 part in 20 parts of water and apply hot fomentations

Floor cleaning/moping

1 part in 40 parts of water