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Benzyl Septol Active, Best Antiseptic Hand Wash Liquid in India to Prevent Viral Illness

One of the main causes of transmission of infection is contaminated hands. Thus it becomes crucial to wash hands frequently to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. To ensure effectiveness in your routine hand wash, choosing the right product for 100% results is important. Proper hand washing techniques can only be achieved when you use best hand wash for killing germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc. in one go.

Hand washing is a vital technique of removing or reducing the number of microorganisms from the hands. As an outcome is minimizes the transferral of these microbes to others or to the surfaces you come in most contact with. Hence to decrease the risk of these infectious agents to self, one must practice washing hands with best hand wash. Acknowledging the fact that these unprecedented times have taught us the importance of hygiene, we introduce Benzyl Septol Active one in all antiseptic hand wash. 

This most trusted disinfectant is a multipurpose antiseptic hand wash serving various objectives such as;

  • Cleaning skin and wounds
  • Bathing and cleaning clothes
  • Floor cleaning and mopping
  • Fumigating factories, equipment, and mills

Some of the most common diseases that can be spread through contacts of hand are Diarrhoea, HBV, Influenza, Gram, and other common flu and intestinal disorders. Therefore it becomes necessary to take precautions in order to maintain our well-being and surrounding. Benzyl Septol Active is the only alternative that is five times faster than other contemporary phenols in the market like Dettol and Savlon.

The reason why Septol Active has become the first preference of the nation is that it kills most hazardous pathogens within 5-10 minutes which is the highest rate of action against virucidal and germicidal. Not only a liquid that shields you from all the odds but also a disinfectant that is non-inflammable and alcohol-free detergent and cleanser both. Religiously following 30 seconds strategy for hand washing especially during COVID-19 pandemic, Benzyl Septol Active is the best hand wash in India for customers. 

The chief quality of this hand wash liquid is that it causes no irritation or prolonged disturbance in the body surfaces and artificial exteriors. Superior in form and effective in result, Benzyl Septol Active is the prime choice of buyers and elementary need to protect you and your family.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Gentle on skin and surfaces
  3. Utilized as disinfectant and detergent

These characteristics sealed in a 100ml pet bottle as well as a 5l jar comes with a  perfect combination of ready to apply and convenient to place at homes or carrying it for safety and emergencies.