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Benzyl Septol Active - The Most Preferred Antimicrobial for Daily Use

We teach our children about personal and external hygiene at a young age. However, as they grow older, the basic habits stay while the extra measures are forgotten and/or ignored, just like we have forgotten and/or ignored them until now. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of practicing basic hygiene more sincerely than we have ever had to. With sanitization being the only preventive measure against the threatening virus, people are becoming more and more cautious and careful.

Hence, aiming to reduce the hassle in all the guardian's life and giving them the best disinfectant for kid's nappy cleaning, Meridian introduces the prime liquid cleaner and sanitizer in India, Benzyl Septol Active. We all know that kids are constantly exploring, sharing, putting toys in their mouths, forgetting to wash their hands, crawling on dirty floors, and generally getting into all sorts of trouble. Thus, as a parent, one of the most important jobs is to keep child safe because certain germs can cause severe illnesses.

Whether it is children, adults, or the elderly, each one of us must practice safe sanitization measures to ensure we do not contract or spread the virus. To do this, it is imperative that we maintain cleanliness not just of our bodies and belongings, but also the rooms, equipment, tools, vehicles and anything with a surface. While COVID-19 is known to spread through direct personal or surface contact, many other germs, diseases, viruses and infections are also airborne, i.e. it lingers in the air and may enter our bodies through breathing. So how do we protect ourselves against it?

A good quality antiseptic purifier for daily use is the answer. 

With increased awareness about maintaining hygiene, the demand for antiseptic purifier for daily use has also increased. The most preferred antimicrobial for daily use is the Benzyl Septol Active manufactured by Meridian Ent. Pvt. Ltd.

Why is Benzyl Septol Active the most preferred antimicrobial for daily use?

The Benzyl Septol Active has proven to be an effective multipurpose liquid solution that is helpful not just in cleaning surfaces, but also floor and skin. It is the most trusted disinfectant with the highest rate of action against germicidal and virucidal properties. It has proven to kill pathogens in 5-10 minutes and is 5 times more effective than popular phenols such as Dettol and Savlon.

It is alcohol-free and non-inflammable, making it accident-proof and safe to be used by anyone. Leading hospitals in Mumbai such as Bombay Hospital, Jaslok, etc. have been using Benzyl Septol Active for decades, making it one of the most trusted and reliable disinfectant.