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The Best Disinfectant for Kid's Nappy Cleaning and External Hygiene

Childcare environments are notorious for spreading infections. As children are easily prone to diseases such as sore throat, skin infection, common cold, measles, and flus, it becomes crucial for parents to take a little extra efforts to protect their loved ones as they gradually build their immune system in an early age. To give them a bacteria free environment and health system, parents need to be specific about the product they use on a daily basis for hand washing, floor cleaning, clothes washing, material disinfectant, etc.

Hence, aiming to reduce the hassle in all the guardian's life and giving them the best disinfectant for kid's nappy cleaning, Meridian introduces the prime liquid cleaner and sanitizer in India, Benzyl Septol Active. We all know that kids are constantly exploring, sharing, putting toys in their mouths, forgetting to wash their hands, crawling on dirty floors, and generally getting into all sorts of trouble. Thus, as a parent, one of the most important jobs is to keep child safe because certain germs can cause severe illnesses.

Being smarter than these microbes who are antagonists in children's life, Benzyl Septol Active gives you a chance to clean, sanitize, and disinfect the environment as well as materials. Surfaces such as of floor, room, clothes, toys, diapers pants, etc., can be fumigated without experiencing any harm to child's sensitive skin. Standard condition of this cleaner are as follows;

  1. Kills pathogens in less than 10 minutes
  2. No alcohol indulgent
  3. Flame retardant
  4. Irritation free
  5. Mild temperate

It is antiseptic in nature and a barrier to deadly pathogens that affects the overall development of a child. Hence in the most contacted and approached surfaces it becomes essential to maintain 100% hygiene by cleaning and sanitizing them time to time. Major substances that need to be looked after particularly in case of tiny toddlers, are:

  • Disinfecting cloth diapers
  • Disinfecting baby's clothes
  • Disinfecting baby's toys

Benzyl Saptol Active is undoubtedly the number one solution for kids, teenagers, and adults. To keep all types and forms of viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, etc. away, one must adopt the habit to use Benzyl Septol Active surface cleaner frequently.