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Why is it Important to Use the Best Floor Cleaning Disinfectant for Household & Clinic?

The year 2020 has taught us many a great life lessons, one of them being reminded of the importance of maintaining basic personal and environmental hygiene. With COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world and keeping us locked in our homes, the only way to fight this battle is taking precautionary measures seriously and practicing it religiously. The main shield against the novel coronavirus is keeping our hands and our surroundings clean by disinfecting it regularly. The ease with which the virus has been spreading in India has given rise to a lot of fear in the minds of the people, including the fear of going to the doctor or the hospital. To curb the fear and address their concerns, more and more hospitals have adopted the use of hospital and household linen disinfectant.

Why is it important to use hospital and household linen disinfectant daily?

Creating awareness on maintaining basic hygiene and practicing safe sanitization has helped educate people about why it is important to do so. There has been a considerable increase in the demand and sales of multi-purpose surface cleaner in the last couple of months. People are beginning to understand the importance of using the best floor cleaning disinfectant on a regular basis and are struggling to get their hands on the best floor cleaning liquid in India. The novel coronavirus has no known cure and it spreads through touch - personal or surface. Even hospitals have doubled up their disinfecting procedures to ensure the virus does not spread through any surface. Leading hospitals in Mumbai have been using Benzyl Septol Active, an effective hospital and household linen disinfectant for years.

Not just the COVID-19 virus, Benzyl Septol Active is the best floor cleaning disinfectant for multipurpose use. It has proven to be the most reliable, the best and safe surface disinfectant against many germs and viruses such as HIV, HBV, influenza, etc. Apart from being the best and safe surface disinfectant, Benzyl Septol Active is also used to cleanse the skin and wounds. Since it is alcohol free and non-inflammable, it poses no risk of accidents and is gentle on the skin as well as surfaces.

Given the distressful times we live in, it is imperative that every household adopts the use of an antibacterial disinfectant for household and clinics.