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Nasomist - Sodium Chloride Nasal


The original nasal saline spray

  • India's first safe & gentle nasal decongestant.
  • Restores vital moisture and soothingly helps to remove thick secretions from nose and sinuses.
  • Safe - no rebound effect, can be used as often as needed.

Composition:   Sodium Chloride 0.65% (w/v), Buffered aqueous base q.s

Indications:   Daily nasal wash/nasal hygiene, chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, rebound effect, dry nasal membranes, nasal irritation, cold, minor nose bleeds, nasal irrigation/douching following surgeries.

Dose:   As often as needed.

Directions:   For drops: Squeeze bottle in upside down position.
For spray: Squeeze bottle in upright position.

Packing:   Bottle of 20ml solution.

Nasomist is India’s first brand of sodium chloride nasal spray.

Nasomist contains injectable grade sodium chloride which is very safe even for new borns.

Nasomist saline nasal spray / drops helps to restore nasal moisture, helps to remove the dry crust and maintains nasal hygiene. Nasomist saline nasal spray / dropsis the safer option to sympathomimetic and steroidal nasal decongestants, hence Nasomist is used for follow-up therapy to sympathomimetic and steroidal nasal decongestants to avoid rebound effect.

Nasomist helps sooths the nose as the saline nasal drops clears stuffy nose making it easier to breathe. Nasomist is safe and gentle nasal decongestant and it is highly recommended in mild sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, dry nasal membranes, nasal irritation, allergic rhinitis, minor nose bleedsand atrophic rhinitis.

Nasomist saline nasal spray / drops can be safely used for all ages. Can be used as a drops in infants and as a spray in adults. Hence, Nasomist is the first choice of all paediatricians and other specialty doctors.